Where are we heading

by Tapirus



‘Where Are We Heading’ EP is a sequel to the stunning entry by Tapirus (Rotterdam’s very own Charlton), and offers greater room for the artist to roam, breathe, flex and grow.

Behind the success of ‘Acid Love Story’, which received notable plays by Surgeon on Rinse.FM and Blawan at Awakenings, this follow-up effort recalls the signature elements established in the first, while displaying a quest by the artist for refinement and progress.

In introspective fashion, the title track ‘Where Are We Heading’ questions the forward march by mankind with a Mr. Fingers touch providing pause in between the war. Offering up his interpretation on B2 is Credit 00 or Alexander Dorn out of Dresden, Germany.

Adding battle call drums and a kind of majesty, he rallies new life to the mix, pointing a way forward in this crazy collective experience we call life.

‘As I’m Going Through Suffering in Life’ carries with it certain acceptance: that through pain, lasers and adversaries, life goes on. While on the other side, ‘I Really Wonder When We’ll Meet Again’ is the EP’s bittersweet refrain – our heartbreak hero narrating part deux of his doleful tale. The result is a vicious, acidic loop wandering through love’s cruel matrix.


released June 13, 2016


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