Wet Noises

by John Heckle



Hot on the tail of two prior releases by Tapirus aka Rotterdam’s own Charlton, the MNSX series presents its 3rd instalment with none other than young John Heckle from Merseyside, UK with a remix by Tapirus.

Three incredible tracks from John Heckle make up this blistering hyperactive EP. Raw, acidy landscapes and analog drum programming are the trademarks of this artist and he displays his mastery in full force. Together with Tapirus, the result is a meeting of minds; an energetically harmonious release in similar spirit.

The title track ‘Wet Noises’ takes us full throttle into Heckle’s domain. Upfront drumming, acid bassline and soaring synths mix and melt in a dancing cosmic soup. Tinkling notes add signposts throughout the oceanic chaos, before the song reaches its ultimate arrival on shore.

‘Alpha Deux’’s beginning and deceptive ambient soundscape unfolds deliciously, evolving organically into a full blown Chicago acid workout. Let it reverse and play on for a secret easter egg ending!

On the B-side, Tapirus takes ‘Wet Noises’ to his territory on just as rough terrain. An acid bounce start slowly snakes its way into higher Asiatic ground with a hand of the mystical. Less of a remix in the traditional sense but an equally honourable version.

A special treat is reserved for last. B2’s ‘Frozen Planet’ is an evocative piece anchored by a broken beat and deep bassline. Brought alive by helter-skelter notes and wrapped up in soaring, mountain-high synth lines, it is a bright asteroid in the galaxy of John Heckle’s discography for us.


released June 8, 2015

Written and produced by John Heckle. Remixed by Tapirus aka Charlton Ravenberg.


all rights reserved


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