The Journey

by Eddie Niguel



Presenting the first release in Midnight Shift’s White Label series. Full EPs from the Midnight Shift stable of artists. Where mood meets melody.

The different shades of Eddie Niguel are discernible in his first full EP for Midnight Shift and the launch of the label’s White series. From the melancholic ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ to the authentic tribute ‘The Warehouse’, we are taken through the changes in the seasons with each track casting further light on this producer.

The polymorphous opener ‘City 2 City’, like its name suggests, has a character that is anywhere yet everywhere. From the dancehalls of Berlin to the festivals of Krakow to basement dens in Singapore, it is a track that travels as far as it is hard to pin down from whence it came from.

The Warehouse’ on B1 has a special touch that fills up any space it reaches from wall to wall, warming up the surrounds with classic drum work, uplifting vocal and synth lead, plus wide, spacious breathing capacity. A future classic encapsulating the holy production grail of ‘simple but effective’.

Young Belgian Locked Groove aka Tim van de Meutter who has been rising up the ranks does the honours on the remix of ‘Where Do We Go From Here’. With the hand of an alchemist, he transforms the original’s sincere and pensive yearning on A2 into a heroic statement. Turning the arrangement inside-out and spreading the track to its farthest edges without losing its essence, it is a lifting response we have on B2.


released May 25, 2015

Written and produced by Eddie Niguel at The Blue Room. Remix by Tim van de Meutter.


all rights reserved


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