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The second instalment in Midnight Shift’s remix series sees Eddie Niguel and Juju & Jordash put their magic touch on already well-received tracks by Iron Curtis (Johannes Paluka) and Detroit veteran Terrence Parker.

On the A-side, duo Juju & Jordash let their love for the jazz and experimental shine through. From a straight-up melodic house number by TP to some form of beautiful ugly, the track leads in with a deceiving pop bassline before turning into a broken, asylum hideout for the deranged. Thankfully for us listeners, it fades off with grace.

‘Never Give Up’ is Iron Curtis’s contribution to the label (Shift 002), which saw two versions of a deeply complex composition and an inclusion in Ian Pooley’s Raveline Mix Session. Here, Eddie Niguel of ‘Absolute’ fame turns the intention into a full onslaught aimed at the clubber’s jugular, pausing just long enough for a twisted break. Another hit out of the ballpark by Eddie?


released June 9, 2014

A Credits: Written and produced by Terrence Parker. Remixed by Juju & Jordash
B Credits: Written and produced by Iron Curtis. Remixed by Eddie Niguel at The Blue Room
Mastered by Bo Kondren at Calyx Mastering, Berlin


all rights reserved


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